“Only if each individual has a pure, peaceful mind can we expect peace in society.”

- SN Goenka

Course finances and donations

There are no charges for attending Vipassana courses, which are given freely; this includes food and accommodation.

All of those serving the courses, including the teachers, are volunteers who receive no remuneration.

The courses are funded by donations from past participants only.

All donations are used solely for running courses, for development and maintenance of the centre, and for the benefit of course participants. Thus Vipassana courses are offered with purity of purpose and free from any commercialism.

Donations can be made to the centre's General Fund, which covers operating expenses, or to the Building Fund, which covers buildings and maintenance.The Centre has applied for Deductible Gifts Recipient registration with the Australian Tax Office. On approval of the application, donations given to the Building Fund from December 2020 will be tax deductible to the donor.

If you would like to make a donation to Vipassana Meditation Centre Hawkesbury, please view the details.